• Aleksei Opacic

    Aleksei Opacic

    Aleksei is a Research Volunteer at the Constitution Unit. He has previously worked in the development sector, and his expertise lies in comparative European politics. Aleksei is assisting with the recruitment of members of the Citizens’ Assembly.

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  • Sarah Allan

    Sarah Allan

    Sarah Allan is Design and Facilitation Lead for the Citizens Assembly on Brexit and Engagement Lead at Involve, the Citizens’ Assembly’s Delivery Partner. She leads the design of the Assembly’s programme and the team of Assembly facilitators.

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  • Brad Albrow

    Brad Albrow

    Brad is a Research Volunteer at the Constitution Unit, he has previously worked in the House of Lords, Cabinet Office and Institute for Public Policy Research. His expertise lie in European asylum legislation and the constitutional complexities of EU human rights law. Brad is assisting with the briefing papers and other outputs of the Citizens’ […]

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  • Darren Hughes

    Darren is the Electoral Reform Society’s Interim Chief Executive. Originally from New Zealand, he was elected to the House of Representatives at age 24 and served across three parliaments.  During that time he was a government minister; an opposition shadow minister; a party whip; and in addition to portfolio responsibilities such as transport; infrastructure; social development […]

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  • Jessica Bryant

    Jessica Bryant

    Jessica is a Research Volunteer at the Constitution Unit, UCL.  Her expertise lies in political theory, and she is assisting in the development of academic research relating to the Citizens’ Assembly

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  • Edd Rowe

    Edd Rowe

    Edd Rowe is the Project Administrator for the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit, and is joining the project having previously worked in Local Government.

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  • Dr Rebecca McKee

    Dr Rebecca McKee is the Research Associate for the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit. Her previous research focused on the representation of ethnic minorities in Parliament, looking at the actions and attitudes of MPs on race and ethnic minority issues in House of Commons debates.

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  • Meg Russell

    Professor Meg Russell

    Professor Meg Russell is a co-investigator on the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit project and Director of the Constitution Unit at University College London.  Her research mainly focuses on parliament, and her latest book, Legislation at Westminster: Parliamentary Actors and Influence in the Making of UK Law, co-authored with Daniel Gover, is published by Oxford University […]

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  • Edward Molloy

    Dr Edward Molloy

    Dr Edward Molloy is the Democratic Innovations Officer at the Electoral Reform Society and is coordinating the ERS’s role as the Citizens’ Assembly’s Impact and Public Engagement Partner.

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  • Professor Will Jennings

    Professor Will Jennings

    Professor Will Jennings is Survey Consultant for the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit, providing expert guidance on the design and analysis of the survey components of the project.  He is also Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Director of the Centre for Citizenship, Globalisation and Governance at the University of Southampton.

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