The advisory board includes representatives of both sides in the referendum campaign, experts with diverse perspectives on the EU and trade, as well as parliamentary researchers and committee clerks. The board’s work is to review the Assembly’s approach, programme, briefing papers and speakers in light of their own areas of expertise.

Professor Anand Menon
Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs, Kings College, London.

Professor Catherine Barnard
Professor of European Union Law at University of Cambridge.

Chris Johnson
Principal Clerk, EU Select Committee in the House of Lords

Dr Clodagh Harris
Lecturer in the Department of Government, University College, Cork

Doreen Grove
Head of Open Government for the Scottish Government

Hugo Dixon
Journalist, entrepreneur and campaigner

James Rhys
Clerk to the Exiting the EU Committee in the House of Commons

Professor John Garry
Professor of Political Behaviour at Queen’s University Belfast.

John Mills
Economist, Entrepreneur and political commentator

Professor Peter John
Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at University College London

Professor Simon Hix
Professor of Political Science, London School of Economics

Dr Swati Dhingra
Lecturer in Economics, London School of Economics

Dr Jack Simson Caird
Constitutional law specialist at the House of Commons Library

Suzanne Evans was initially a member of the Advisory Board and attended its meeting in late July 2017, but was subsequently unable to participate for personal reasons. She asked to be removed from the Advisory Board membership after the Assembly’s second meeting.