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Welcome to Assembly South

You can download the Assembly South Briefing Papers, or browser the individual sections to your right. You can also read the initial Assembly South Overview Report.

There is a second Assembly looking at South Yorkshire – Assembly North. Together the Assemblies are an important experiment in a new way of doing democracy – asking citizens themselves to discuss and decide on how we should be governed.

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One third of the 45 participants in Assembly South were politicians and the reminder non-politicians. The non-politicians were selected on a semi-random basis by an independent polling company. It was not possible to apply directly to participate in Assembly South. All 45 participants were drawn from throughout the area covered by the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership. The politicians (local Councillors) were selected on the basis of relative party strength throughout the region.

Assembly Dates

A message from Royston Smith MP

The ‘Democracy Matters’ project provides a great opportunity for citizens to get involved in the political process. We need to constantly find new ways of engaging people in the big political questions that affect their lives.


Assembly South is a great way of doing that. It provides the opportunity for people to express their views, and to think about how to make their area a better place. That is why I welcome this important initiative to Southampton. This has all the more relevance with the growing trend towards devolution throughout the country.


So thank you to everybody for taking part. This presents a real opportunity for the citizens of Southampton and further afield to discuss the future of how our region is governed. It has an enormous potential to shape things to come.

Royston Smith MP
Southampton, Itchen

A message from Alan Whitehead MP