Launch event of the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit Report

What the public think the UK’s trade and immigration policy should be after Brexit 

You are invited to the launch of the results of the UK-wide Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit tomorrow in Parliament.

The report-launch brings together Leave-backing Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin with Remain-backing Labour MP Ruth Cadbury – with both agreeing on the need for greater public involvement when it comes to the Brexit process.

The Citizens’ Assembly brought together 50 randomly-selected Leave and Remain voters, weighted to be representative of the public, to discuss the direction Brexit should take on trade and migration policy.

They heard from experts and campaigners from across the Brexit spectrum, and came to shared conclusions after an informed process of deliberation.

  • Date: Wednesday, 13th December 2017
  • Time: 2:30-3:30pm
  • Location: Committee Room 10 (Palace of Westminster)
  • RSVP to [email protected]

This event presents the results of the Assembly, bringing together Parliamentarians, members of public who formed the Citizens Assembly on Brexit, and the Assembly’s organisers to discuss its process and conclusions.

The panellists are:

  • Bernard Jenkin MP (Leave)
  • Ruth Cadbury MP (Remain)
  • Professor Anand Menon, Director of UK in a Changing Europe (Chair)
  • Alan Renwick (UCL Constitution Unit)
  • Sarah Allan (Involve)

The findings:

  • On trade, the Citizens Assembly on Brexit backed a bespoke UK/EU trade deal and a customs union, that would allow the UK to conduct its own international trade policy while maintaining a frictionless UK/EU border.
  • On migration, the representative, majority Leave-voting group voted to retain free movement of labour – but with the UK government exercising all available controls to prevent abuse of the system.
  • If ‘no deal’ is reached in negotiations on trade, Assembly Members opted to stay in the Single Market
  • If ‘no deal’ is reached in negotiations on customs, the Assembly Members opted to stay in the Customs Union

For more information on the event please email [email protected] or visit

We hope that you are able to join us on Wednesday.

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