1. Briefing Papers

These briefing papers were provided to members of the Citizens’ Assembly during the first weekend of deliberations.  They were written by the Assembly organising team in consultation with our Advisory Board.  They contain neutral information about the issues that the Assembly is discussing.

2. Presentations

Following the neutral briefing papers, these slides and handouts were provided by the guest speakers at the Assembly’s first weekend.  They contain each speaker’s own expert analysis and are not necessarily balanced between different perspectives.  The Assembly organisers have played no role in determining their content.

3. The Options

After going over the briefing papers and watching the presentations from different sides, the Citizens’ Assembly looked at the various options for the post-Brexit policies the UK might pursue in relation to trade. You can read the slides designed by the academic team introducing the options below.

4. The Results

At the end of the final weekend the Members of the Assembly voted on the above options. You can see the full results of the voting here.